About Us

ECG Made Simple was founded in 2008, with the goal of teaching the interpretation of ECGs in an innovative and interactive way. Countless hours have been put into the design and developement of the website, and we’re proud provide a high-quality resource that is freely available to all. Since it’s initial launch, it has grown to become a widely-used international resource for healthcare providers, including medical students, physicians, nurses, and paramedics. The website underwent a major redesign in 2022, and we continue to add new content and features regularly. Today, ECG Made Simple remains a popular and trusted resource, and we’re greatful for the enormous contributions that have been put forward by all of our team members.  

Our Team

Iqwal Mangat, MD, FRCPC

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto, Canada
Cardiac Electrophysiologist, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Daniel Koerber, MD

Internal Medicine Resident, University of Alberta, Canada

Noushin Miandashti

Medical Student, University of Alberta, Canada


Dr. Luigi Casella, MD, FRCP, FACC

Cardiologist Emeritus, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Dr. Anas Nader, MBBS, MScBMC

NHS Doctor, Co-founder and CEO of Patchwork


Chi-Ming Chow, MDCM, MSc, FRCPC


Emidio Tarulli, MD, FRCPC